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Homemade chocolate dessert

Homemade chocolate dessert

I sifted the powdered milk together with the cocoa.

I put the water together with the sugar in a pan, on the fire, to boil.

I stirred the sugar to melt until it started to boil, then I didn't stir anymore. I let it boil for about 8 minutes, that is, until I got a viscous syrup that drips harder from the spoon.

I took the bowl off the heat and added the soft butter. I stirred until the butter melted. I put the vanilla and poured the syrup over the powdered milk and cocoa.

I mixed vigorously to obtain a homogeneous composition.

I added salt and vanilla. Salt will intensify the sweet taste.

I added the hazelnuts and raisins and put the chocolate in the prepared forms, which I greased with a little oil, to make them easier to remove.

I put them in the fridge. After about an hour, I was able to serve them.

Enjoy your meal !!!