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Vanilla croissants

Vanilla croissants

Flour, melted butter, sugar, coconut, 2 packets of vanilla sugar, baking powder and salt mix well until smooth. Leave the dough for approx. 30 minutes in the refrigerator to rest. After resting, take the pieces of dough and form croissants by hand. It doesn't stretch, because the dough is a bit crumbly. The oven preheats approx. 10 min at 200 degrees. Bake at 175 degrees, approx. 15 minutes. Boil the powdered sugar and the remaining 2 packets of vanilla sugar.

Good appetite!

June is popularly known as Cherry Moon, precisely because it is now the cherry season. The tastiest and most fragrant cherries ripen in June. So are the cherries. They make extraordinarily good jams. For the preparation of croissant dough, instead of lard, you can use butter.


3 cups white flour
1 cup lard
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
3 whole eggs
1 pinch of salt
200 grams of sugar
the peel of a lemon
1 baking powder.

Method of preparation

Melt the lard, mix with the flour and other ingredients, knead until the dough binds, leave for 15 minutes, then spread with a rolling pin, cut the resulting sheet into triangles. In them put jam (walnut, shit), roll and bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top when the croissants are hot.

Cornlets with walnuts and vanilla

Walnut and vanilla croissants & # 8211 a very good and tender recipe. These croissants simply melt in your mouth! Great for Christmas, as if they don't even fit in another time of year. Of all the croissant recipes, I declare that this is my favorite and I think it is the best.

The dough is made super fast, absolutely nothing difficult to make, it's slightly sandy, but things work fast. It's harder to stop eating them, I tell you with my hand on my heart. I made them last night, so the recipe is as fresh as possible and they have already started to disappear. I can hardly refrain from keeping them until Christmas.

For walnut lovers, it's the right dessert. Or even the right gift. Packed in a nice box, they can be a gift, why not? If you also fill them with a strong plum jam, pff, we are already talking about culinary delight. Because although the recipe is simple, these croissants with walnuts and vanilla are not filled, I think that walnut goes very well with a strong magiun, which does not flow. But that, of course, is up to everyone. I told you that the next time I make them, I will fill them

Until then, I leave you with the recipe for walnut and vanilla croissants and if you love walnuts and you like sweets, then you have to take a look at other recipes, which you can find below.

cookies with walnuts and marmalade baskets with walnuts and magiun

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ramisimion 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 11:22

Re: Vanilla croissants

You got me done with the croissants, I'm so easy to do. when I think about how much I worked on the traditional ones, stretch the sheet, be careful how you cut them so that they don't come out too big, sometimes I came out very strong. yours are so uniform and I think tender. can I replace almonds with walnuts?
about Christmas, experimenting with making cakes, an idea came to me, this year I will make cake gifts for family and friends, I buy some small foil trays, the ones where we bake the cakes, ceolophan, some red ribbon and the gifts are ready. what do you say?

Ioana 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 11:31

Re: Vanilla croissants

the idea is very good, you can make cinnamon cookies, these croissants, chocolate cookies. I'll make some more cookies and croissants soon. if you start now you can also make vanilla essence for those who you know use such a thing, put it in elegant bottles and you have an excellent gift

Ioana 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 11:36

Re: Vanilla croissants

a, they can also be made with walnuts but they will taste more intense. with almonds the taste is fine and the vanilla feels very nice. I recommend almonds

ramisimion 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 11:42

Re: Vanilla croissants

Thanks a lot for the tips!

simona 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 12:35

Re: Vanilla croissants

Ioana, who is the perfect baking paper, let's know to be careful. (what brand) ?

Ioana 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 12:43

Re: Vanilla croissants

I don't know the brand because I threw away the box, I will use the paper in the package, it was something no name, taken from the store next to me. I usually take Fino, it's definitely good, but I stayed up and took what I found. that is, what is seen in the picture. but I can pass when I leave work at the store to see what is written on the box. Anyway, that picture looks awful, how it absorbed the fat from the croissants

Daniela 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 14:41

Re: Vanilla croissants

Hello Ioana,
Vanilla croissants (Vanillekipferl). my favorites! And I make them with almonds, I find them finer in taste than with walnuts. In the past, they were made only with walnuts, like almonds. I simplified the work, I take a piece (ball) from the dough and twist it between my palms or on the table. Time is money

Ioana 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 14:46

Re: Vanilla croissants

I thought that for those who do it for the first time, it's easier that way, so that it turns out to be a bit equal. then they realize if they want them smaller or bigger and the second time (that is for Christmas, that's why we do rehearsals) they can break directly from the dough.

adry 8 years ago - 9 October 2009 16:40

Re: Vanilla croissants

My dear Ioana, you even do "rehearsals" for Christmas.
And you do well to look like this, I save my recipes
I look forward to posting all your holiday ideas.

ramisimion 8 years ago - 10 October 2009 17:59

Re: Vanilla croissants

I prepared the dough, it is in the fridge, in the meantime you would write me a comment. I made a double portion from the first one, I keep you updated with the result.

ramisimion 8 years ago - 10 October 2009 20:40

Re: Vanilla croissants

I did very well that I made a double portion, after I took the first tray out of the oven and gave them powdered sugar, my husband ate almost half of the tray. they are so tender and delicious! great care when you put them in the oven, they bake very quickly, mine were ready in 15 minutes. Ioana, note 10 pt. Cornlets do not even compare to the traditional ones are a very fine sweet. Congratulations!

Ioana 8 years ago - 11 October 2009 10:31

Re: Vanilla croissants

in the end you made them with almonds, I understand I will post the recipe for classic croissants, but I hope that a simpler packaging technique will work so that it doesn't take so long, I hope. I haven't checked it yet

ramisimion 8 years ago - 11 October 2009 11:49

Re: Vanilla croissants

yes, I made them with almonds. they were so wonderful! We have a few for today.

Flory 8 years ago - 12 October 2009 05:22

Re: Vanilla croissants

Hi Ioana. Does wholemeal wheat flour work on this recipe? I have a bag of organic flour in my house, and I wouldn't buy another one. and I want to try these croissants because they look really good

Ioana 8 years ago - 12 October 2009 11:13

Re: Vanilla croissants

I think they would come out, now obviously they will have a different texture, color. but I don't think anything bad will come out, especially if you're used to wholemeal flour.

ildi 8 years ago - 14 October 2009 05:00

Re: Vanilla croissants

Ioana, were these the croissants I asked about? although they look the same, they were filled with plum jam

Ioana 8 years ago - 14 October 2009 08:57

Re: Vanilla croissants

no, these are simple, I have another recipe with lard and stuffing. they are scheduled this week

ildi 8 years ago - 14 October 2009 09:07

Re: Vanilla croissants

I recovered from my mother the recipe for Christmas cookies, those glued with apricot jam and given with powdered sugar

ildi 8 years ago - 14 October 2009 10:52

Re: Vanilla croissants

-1 / 2kg flour
-1 margarine 250gr or 200gr grease
-100 g of powdered sugar
-3 egg yolks
-2 tablespoons sour cream
-1 baking powder (or 1 teaspoon ammonia)

all the above are kneaded well and then left to cool for 30-60 minutes,
and spreads a thin sheet about 1/2 cm.
one part is cut with a glass..a part is cut with a hole in the middle (glass with a hole).
they are baked ... until they brown after which
leave to cool and then grease with jam and glue a pair.
add vanilla powder to sugar.

you can halve the gates..that about 4 trays come out of these, says grandma..p

Grandma being a mother, my brother wrote the recipe on my mess

Ioana 8 years ago - 14 October 2009 10:57

Re: Vanilla croissants

thank you ildi, I know these. not the recipe but the final product, they look so cut in the center overlooking the jam

ildi 8 years ago - 14 October 2009 11:11

Re: Vanilla croissants

daaa. I'm great and I also found an apricot jam without additives and without sugar, really expensive but good bad. just like mom does.
I will do them in wk
and the croissants I think I'll make them too, let's see how I stand over time.

Ioana 8 years ago - October 15, 2009 09:56

Re: Vanilla croissants

I'm writing here because I promised Ildi the recipe for croissants and unfortunately last night a personal problem occurred and I left Cluj, I won't be able to post anything this week, but we'll hear from you again next week. including croissants and macaroni with simpler cheese

Monik 8 years ago - 16 November 2009 17:20

Re: Vanilla croissants

First of all, congratulations for your extraordinary recipes, not infrequently they have been very helpful!
and now comes my request, do you have any idea of ​​any recipe for fasting croissants, in whose composition it is found and come ?!
Thanks a lot!

Iulia 8 years ago - 5 January 2010 15:46

Re: Vanilla croissants

I made a double portion at Christmas that ended in 2 days :-). And my husband and friends asked me for another double portion for New Year's Eve -))). They are extraordinary.

Inna 7 years ago - 16 May 2010 11:38

Re: Vanilla croissants

Ioana, I am an angel, I am around 14 years old and I love to make cakes or light meals.

Daniela 7 years ago - 13 December 2010 00:18

Re: Vanilla croissants

Ioana, I want to know if I can't put lard instead of butter, I know that I come out softer with lard. I also have some very good cake recipes, write me an e-mail to send.

Mariana de France 7 years ago - 14 December 2010 18:14

Re: Vanilla croissants

Hello Ioana!
By chance I found your site and it is very interesting, and it helps us a lot those who left Romania. I have been gone for 30 years and I live in France.
Ioana, I'm looking for a recipe, and I would ask you to help me if you can. I know they were called "Apricots".
I explain how they were prepared but I don't know the proportions: it was a fragile dough made with eggs, butter, sugar, flour. they made balls the size of them
After ripening and cooling, they were dug in the middle. With the crumbs, a cream was made with butter, sugar and cocoa, they were folded and glued two at a time.
With a little food red color, mixed with water, part of the "apricot" was colored and given by caster sugar.

If you could help me, thank you very much.

Ioana 7 years ago - 16 December 2010 18:14

Re: Vanilla croissants

daniela, here is a recipe for donuts with lard [link]

my email address is ioana at e-recipes dot ro

Ioana 7 years ago - 16 December 2010 18:16

Re: Vanilla croissants

mariana, I know the dessert, I saw them for sale in pastry shops, but I didn't try to prepare them at home and I don't have a recipe, but maybe some of my visitors know it. and can help you

TUNDE 6 years ago - 11 February 2011 20:26

Re: Vanilla croissants


cristina 6 years ago - 19 November 2011 19:40

Re: Vanilla croissants

Mariana 6 years ago - 13 December 2011 21:27

Re: Vanilla croissants

Doesn't this recipe need baking powder or baking soda ??

Ioana 6 years ago - 14 December 2011 13:40

Re: Vanilla croissants

ella 6 years ago - 21 December 2011 19:08

Re: Vanilla croissants

Thank you very much, Ioana! This is the third year I make them for Christmas ... it has become a tradition! They are delicious and easy to make!

lia 6 years ago - December 25, 2011 10:50

Re: Vanilla croissants

I used to make some really good croissants but I lost their recipe and I would like you to help me recover it from the collective memory. it was a dough with fat and a little vinegar, if I remember correctly, that's the problem, I don't know the ingredients anymore.
spread a thin sheet that was greased with melted butter and then rolled tightly and stretched into a long mat.
cut into pieces about as long as you would like the cornet to be and stretch it with the facalet. a lot of labor.
they are filled with simple jam or walnut.
they are extraordinary and I think the source is through our villages. I've been looking for the recipe for a few years.

elena ivanov 5 years ago - 11 April 2012 17:03

Re: Vanilla croissants

I found the recipe by chance and I'm in a hurry to put it into practice. thank you

Daniela 5 years ago - 10 December 2012 22:32

Re: "Peach" or "Apricot" Cookie Recipe

Hi, here's the apricot recipe. My mother called them peaches. I don't have her recipe anymore, but I found one on the site. I haven't tried it, maybe try only 1/2 of the recipe.

2 eggs,
oil 125 ml,
150 gr sugar,
half a tablespoon of baking soda,
400 grams of flour (I added flour in addition to 400 because they were bigger eggs)

125 gr of butter,
2 tablespoons cocoa,
125 gr sugar,
125 ml milk,
the core of the baked dough balls.

We also need:
red and green (or yellow) dye, I only had red and yellow that we mixed on each color in a little water and caster sugar separately in a plate.

DOUBLE PREPARATION: mix the eggs well with the sugar, ie mix them, then add the baking soda, oil and flour. Knead well until you get a more elastic dough, from it form smaller balls and put them in the tray lined with oil or baking paper ,

we put them in the tray next to each other so that they are not glued and we bake them for 20 minutes at 160 degrees.

we put the core aside so we can put it in the cream

after we finish we make the cream.

mix the butter well with the sugar until it foams. Mix the core of the balls with the milk and cocoa and add a little in the butter mixture.

mix well until it becomes a cream and with this cream we fill the hollow balls, we fill one ball and glue it to another so that the peach is formed after which we give them through the red dye at one end and green at the other end after which they are given through sugar cough.

delia 3 years ago - 11 January 2014 15:39

Re: Vanilla croissants

You had a recipe for croissants in two colors and I can't find it anymore. She was very good. Please, if you still have to publish it, or send it to me by e-mail. Thank you.
Know that everything I cooked for you was great.

lorena 3 years ago - 20 December 2014 17:56

Re: Vanilla croissants

ioana I want to make the croissants but I have some almonds in the shell and they are a little salty?
could I use these to stop buying others? I am waiting for your answer, thank you

Ioana 3 years ago - 20 December 2014 18:14

Re: Vanilla croissants

They're fried, aren't they? I would say to buy others, without skin, unroasted.

Vanilla croissants

the croissants are very good and tender. I also prepared them years ago.

Nico Grofova, February 20, 2014

they are not browned, as you can see from the older photo, they really should stay white

Mariana Flucus, February 18, 2014

Bake white, do not brown!

Adrian Ovi, January 9, 2014

These look a certain way! I ate some time ago and I liked them! I'm sure I'll do it these days! :)

In the cheerful kitchen (Chef de cuisine), September 7, 2012

Thanks to the girls for the compliments!

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), June 6, 2010

Cely Snijec (Chef de cuisine), January 3, 2010

lucica mihaila (Chef de cuisine), January 3, 2010

A beautiful and easy recipe and I prepare it.

Ramona (Chef de cuisine), January 1, 2010

These croissants are delicious, and I like the combination of powdered sugar, vanilla and nuts the most!

Bravo Nicoleta, I like what your recipe looks like and it is very very easy to make. Congratulations! I will try it next weekend!