Traditional recipes

Cake with cottage cheese

Cake with cottage cheese

In a bowl put sifted flour together with baking powder and margarine, left at room temperature for some time before, and rub them until smooth and you get a thick paste. Add eggs, salt, grated lemon peel, and knead the dough by hand.

There was no need to add more milk, I had obtained a dough with a perfect consistency to spread sheets, but if necessary add a little milk or even a tablespoon of flour (depending on the absorption power of the flour) to have a dough enough hard so as not to be sticky but not soft so as not to be able to stretch it with the twister.

Cover the dough ball formed with cling film and let it cool for an hour or two or even overnight.

Mix cottage cheese with egg yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon peel, rum essence, semolina and salt and mix. Whisk the egg whites and add them at the end, stirring lightly

If you put raisins, leave them soaked in a little rum essence for a few minutes and add them to the composition.

Remove the dough ball from the cold and divide it in half.

Spread a piece in a sheet, with the twister, just enough for a 20 / 20cm tray.

Grease the pan with butter / margarine and place the sheet.

Pour the filling and evenly distribute the rest of the remaining dough on top, grated through a large-mesh grater.

You can break the pieces, that's what I did.

Put the tray in the preheated oven and bake the cake over medium heat until it browns nicely on the surface.

Allow to cool slightly and powder with sugar.

Combi cake with apples and cottage cheese

Sweet cheese and raisin pie: how to make. You still need 4 sheets of pie. Mix the sweet cottage cheese with the warm melted butter (leave it to cool a bit after it melts), a sachet of baking powder, and flour. Add the cottage cheese and baking powder, mix. Porlos with cheese and raisins, the cake with fragile dough with cheese is.