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Target Will Deliver These 15 Spooky Halloween Decorations to Your Door With Free Shipping

Target Will Deliver These 15 Spooky Halloween Decorations to Your Door With Free Shipping

Haven't prepared for your spooky celebration yet? Target has you covered.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

It feels like we've been hyping up Halloween forever, but the spookiest night of the year is actually next week (eek!). Maybe some of you already have your party decor, delicious Halloween recipes, and Trick-or-Treat candy ready to roll—but if you're anything like me, you still haven't picked out a costume, and you’re probably not prepared for the ghouls and goblins to be knocking at your door next week.

Enter Target: everyone's favorite retailer is actually giving us procrastinators an extra discount and free shipping for shopping Halloween must-haves this week. Spend $25 on Halloween decor (and costumes!) at and the retailer will give you $5 back on the spot—plus, if you order by Friday, October 26, they'll make sure your purchases will arrive at your door by October 30 for free!

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Talk about sheer luck! I'll be adding these 15 party decorations and favors to my basket immediately. They're the best essentials to get in the spooky spirit and welcome Trick-or-Treaters. As for Halloween candy, I'll be heading to Whole Foods to pick up these 10 healthy brands, and I'll stop by ALDI to grab a few extra bags of popular candy on major discount for party favors.

Teal Trick or Treat Pail

Photo courtesy of Target.

Mini Halloween Striped Pumpkins, 8 Count

Photo courtesy of Target.

These adorable painted pumpkins aren't the real deal, but they're too cute placed in a bunch on a party table or even by along your front door or porch. Grab a whole bunch of them for just $5.

Looking for tips to enjoy a safe, healthy Halloween celebration? Read on:

Shatterproof Halloween Wreath

Photo courtesy of Target.

It's like Christmas in October! This fun wreath will greet Trick-or-Treaters at your front door with a spooky twinkle.

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Patch with LED Lights

Photo courtesy of Target.

This is the ultimate showstopper for any lawn or backyard—it’s self-inflating, which makes set up easy, and you'll get to enjoy the twinkle of LED lights all night long. Simply fold up your pumpkin patch at the end of the night for next year's festivities.

Inflatable Jack Skellington from Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas

Photo courtesy of Target.

I'm so excited to get my hands on this inflatable Jack Skellington—one of the most famous Halloween characters will grace my front porch without actually scarring little ones for life (that's no fun for ANYONE).

Halloween Mickey Mouse & Friends Candy Bowl

Photo courtesy of Target.

Present your Trick-or-Treaters with the cutest candy bowl ever! If you're not planning on answering the door, you can leave this large candy bowl outside, as it's wide enough to hold enough candy for the whole neighborhood.

Halloween Sugar Skull Decanter

Photo courtesy of Target.

Having an adults-only party? Your bar cart needs an upgrade for special Halloween cocktails this year—and what could be better than your favorite spirits stored in a decanter? This one will make guests do a double take all night long.

Halloween Sugar Skull Growler

Photo courtesy of Target.

You can store draft beer, pre-mixed cocktails, or your favorite mixers in this 64-ounce growler, adorned with the same appliqued skull motif—perfect for a matching set.

Animated Vintage Radio

Photo courtesy of Target.

If you're a big fan of classic Halloween jams, this faux radio can actually hide your iPhone or MP3 and speaker (or even a few candles!) The adjustable LED lights are a nice touch, too.

Halloween Bleeding Skull Candles

Photo courtesy of Target.

These are appropriately terrifying—as the party continues, the melting wax turns from black to red and the skull will slowly "bleed" out.

Skull Wood Serving Tray

Photo courtesy of Target.

This serving tray is scary good for serving fun treats, homemade appetizers, or cocktails. The Ouija-lookalike can handle all the spirits you're planning on serving—and more.

Skeleton Hands Serving Bowl

Photo courtesy of Target.

Halloween Grapevine Pumpkin With Lights

Photo courtesy of Target.

Twinkling string lights are a Halloween staple to decorate your front porch with, which is why we love this collection of faux pumpkins that come already adorned with twinkling lights. Buy a few in different sizes, and your doorstep will practically decorate itself.

Hanging White Ghost

Photo courtesy of Target.

This 6-foot ghost will sway in the wind all night and can be attached to any tree or even hooked to the wall of your house. Spooky!

Star Wars Candy Holders

Photo courtesy of Target.

Are you team Ewok or team Darth Vader? These adorable Star Wars-themed statuettes can hold a bowl's worth of your favorite Halloween candy and will be the centerpiece of any dining table or doorstep.

Halloween Costumes

At Halloween Express we stock more costumes in more sizes and more styles than anyone for Halloween but as one of the largest costume retailers in the country, we also offer costumes, accessories and party supplies for virtually every holiday or event you can imagine and we do it year round.

In fact, no matter the holiday or event, we stock the unique and hard to find costumes, props and decorations in styles and sizes no one else has.

That's why you'll find all of the latest styles and hard to find costumes and accessories right here in one place.

Looking for Costume Ideas? If you're having a difficult time deciding what you want to be for Halloween - or anytime of year - check out our HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS section where we have assembled more than 300 costume ideas segmented into 15 different categories to help with your search. Of course you'll also find the latest costumes from your favorite movies. If you're interested in making your own DIY Halloween costume, we can help there too! Our collection of over 60 DIY How-To-Videos are a wealth of knowledge to help you make the most of your Halloween costume this year.

Halloween Costume Resources. When it comes to favorite holidays, many folks say Halloween is high up on their list. Over 67% of Americans celebrate Halloween, whether it is by trick-or-treating or going to a costume party. The fact is Halloween has become a holiday that is no longer considered just for kids to enjoy. Of course finding that perfect costume or even deciding what you want to dress up as for Halloween can be an agonizing decision for some. And then once you do decide, no one wants to be wearing the same costume as everyone else. Most people want to be unique - to stand out from the rest. Even if you're dressing up for an event other than Halloween - whether it be Santa Claus for a Christmas event, Mardi Gras, St. Patricks Day or even Uncle Sam for a Fourth of July Event - finding ways to make your costume different can be challenging. The same holds true for decorating your home for Halloween or throwing a Halloween party. There's so many options it's overwhelming. Where do you start? Never fear! We're here to help. Our Halloween Costume Resource Center contains one of the most exhaustive lists of helpful and informative costuming and decorating tips, tricks and resources you'll find anywhere. In addition to over 50 How-To videos that walk you through step-by-step, the process to create a unique costume look that will set you apart from everyone else. We've also provided links to nearly 100 articles and video resources to assist you with everything from decorating your home for Halloween, choosing the right pumpkin to carve, understanding the differences in fog machines, how to care for latex masks and even some popular recipes sure to be a hit at your next Halloween party. And we're adding more material all the time.

Customer Service When it Matters. Nowadays you can buy a Halloween costume pretty much anywhere. The online world is filled with pop-up stores and one-off sellers who only sell costumes in October and then disappear. Or, in addition to selling Halloween merchandise they also sell cell phones, copiers and staplers. At Halloween Express, selling Halloween costumes is our core business. It's what we do and we do it year round! In fact we've been doing it since 1990. You might say we're experts at all things Halloween. If you have a question about an item you see on our website or have a request, our team of Halloween specialists are here to help. You can reach us by phone, email or even Live Chat. During the Halloween season we're open 7 days a week to assist you. You can place your order here online or you can give us a call. Our call center is staffed by knowledgeable personnel who know what they're talking about. And if we can't answer your question, we'll follow-up. After the sale we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We understand problems occasionally occur with orders and deliveries. We also understand that sometimes customers change their mind. Our commitment is to provide the best, hassle-free resolution we can. Simply put, if you purchase an item online on this website and are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item to us within 30 days for a refund. While we have a liberal return policy, there are some limitations so we encourage customers to make sure they review the details of our return policy here on our site.

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The only cattle we wouldn't use a squeeze chute on were the calves which at about 160lbs or so took multiple people to hold them down

  • Trevor proposes that the Pillagers and Villagers had lived in peace until the "idiots" showed up.
  • Fiona joins and quickly shows how unfamiliar she is with the game as a whole.
    • Her own house ends up being as dilapidated as Alfredo's first model except she's isolated without anyone around.
    • For a short while she accidentally placed her sword in the off-hand, and as such when fighting simply punches them without realizing.
    • When trying to eat to restore hunger, she tries to have her avatar eat food in the inventory.
    • After discussing just how disrespectful the Phantoms were, they realize they were actually the spirits of their four fallen comrades.
    • Fiona spends most of the fight huddling in the shelters, with her one contribution being to shoot one of the crystals. which Jack was standing right next to, taking a chunk out of his health.
    • After successfully slaying the dragon, the surviving Jack and Jeremy return and say they can feel the ghosts of their dead friends watching over them.
    • The two returned to bury the fallen Matt and Fiona, then Jack handed Jeremy some dirt to fill in his own now-unneeded grave, which along with Jack's now-just-as-useless grave spot was covered in End Stone to serve as a pedestal for their newly-won Ender Dragon egg.

    • As the title suggests, Matt made it so that every two minutes, everyone explodes. The explosion doesn't immediately hurt anyone, but it makes their jobs a hell of a lot harder because it will wreck anything around each player, as well as launching them into the air to take fall damage, with a mere 3-second warning to get away from whatever they're working on lest it be blown to bits. The AH crew is tasked with making homes, farms, and such, and the fact they're constantly exploding leads to plenty of anguish.
    • Jack gets the worst of it. He decides to stay on the opening island and make food for people, but lack of sufficient lighting means that every night, he gets swamped by hostile mobs, especially Creepers. To make things worse, everyone decides to troll him by making his work much harder. The worst things to happen to him come from Trevor and Gavin, who were genuinely trying to help him.
      • Trevor tried to help Jack by helping Jack with his chicken farm, and at one point he went in the pen to play with the chickens. Unfortunately, he didn't notice the countdown on the bottom-left of the screen screen, exploding and killing all but one chicken. Cue enraged screaming from Jack, berating Trevor for his lack of situational awareness.

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      Target Will Deliver These 15 Spooky Halloween Decorations to Your Door With Free Shipping - Recipes

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      October 2009 Issue


      Surprised? Me too! Until I wrote this I didn’t believe it either, but it’s time.

      Although recent newsletters are stuffed with facts, this began as a little blog about local events. When the Journal left I felt obligated to add some news to the mix. I find myself in the uncomfortable place where some now expect me to behave like a newspaper and adopt the standards of a reporter, and others want me to represent their causes. In addition, many no longer send in events because they count on me to hunt them down– a terribly time consuming job– and if I fail to do so, I often hear about it later. The pressure of meeting expectations is taking its toll. It’s really stressful to evolve in public!

      Euclid’s on the verge of exciting NEWS opportunities. You may feel lost without the Journal, but all eyes are on Euclid’s needs and there are many folks both in and out of the city anxious to fill that news void. It’s time for me to decide if, and where, I fit in! Should I continue this extremely time consuming unpaid job until it’s no longer needed? Join forces with an interactive online community paper? Or step out of the way? To help make that decision, I need to try on how it feels to have my mornings, lunch hours, evenings and vacations free again.

      This issue contains the October events I have to date, so hang onto it for reference because I will probably not send any more newsletters this month. Be sure to visit the websites boxed at the end of the October listings to access the area calendars containing lots of events not printed below.

      I’ll continue to update the website’s pages with any info you send for garage sale ads and news articles. I’ll also post Nan Kennedy’s Neighborhood Notes from Waterloo there each week.

      If I find myself missing the newsletter as much as some think I will, I’ll return by the end of October.

      If you have comments about the future of the Euclid Community Newsletter,

      please join me at the following:

      October 1: EUCLID COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER MEETUP– open to anyone who cares about the future of news in Euclid, and the continuation of this newsletter in particular. In the absence of a local paper it’s time to discuss what we need, how it should be accomplished, and whether or how to keep the newsletter going. If you’re interested in sharing your ideas and opinions at this meeting, email [email protected] to reserve a spot so I know how many to expect. 7 PM at St. Roberts, 23802 Lakeshore Blvd.




      GRAPHIC NOVEL/ MANGA BOOK CLUB for teens, 3:30-4:30 PM in the Babbitt Rm of Euclid Library.

      SPORTS HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY /BANQUET at Manor Party Center, 24111 Rockwell. Begins at 6 PM with banquet at 7 and ceremony for 10 inductees at 8. Adults $30, children under 12 $15. Info and/or tickets: Euclid Sports Hall of Fame, 711 E 222 216-797-7895. [email protected]

      CHARDON HILL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEETING at 7 PM in St. Ann’s Dining Hall, Lady of Lourdes Shrine, 21281 Chardon Rd. This is their “Candidate’s Night” with the Ward 2 Council candidates, Council President Holzheimer-Gail, and a Euclid Schools representative discussing issues on the November ballot.

      7 PM, the FUTURE OF THE EUCLID COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER MEETING at St. Roberts, see box above.


      EUCLID-MENTOR HOMECOMING GAME, 7 PM Oct 2 in Euclid Stadium.

      Last ALLEY CAT FRIDAY of the season w/Tom & Leia live, and Melanie’s b-day party! Celebrate Melanie’s birthday with donuts and beer, listen to the Afternoon Naps (Tom and Leia) at 8:30 PM. The fun starts at 7 PM in the alley (of course) behind MusicSaves, 15801 Waterloo, 216.481.1875 BYOB, great peeps provided.

      SHORE CULTURAL CENTRE FARMERS MARKET continues to deliver fine fall harvest and other delicacies such as oils, vinegars, honey, baked goods and much more. Open every Friday until the end of October.

      Opening night for JOHNNY YANOK at Shoparooni from 7-11 PM. His paintings, illustrations and sculptures – sort of 1950s ad art meets anime – are known across the country, and his shows are characterized by people smiling. Broadly. On view until Oct 30, during store hours: Mon – Closed Tues, Wed, Thurs – 2 – 10 PM Friday – 2 – 11 PM Sat – noon – 11 PM Sun – noon – 6 PM. 15813 Waterloo, 216-383-3633

      Our Waterloo correspondent suggests we stroll across the street to WATERLOO 7 GALLERY to “see the wind chimes made from drum cymbals hanging in the Sculpture Garden beside the gallery – very charming. M. Forbes’ papierdogs (colorful companions in papier mache) are a giggle. Marcus Braithwaite’s pen and ink drawings are delicate delights. Barbara Daberkow’s (extremely reasonable) fabric bags are precisely crafted and practical, as well. But what really won my heart were Laurel Herbold’s drizzled paintings – with paint left over from her bread-and-butter murals, Laurel creates intricate tangles (yarn? Brain prions? The Internet?) overlaid with a close approximation of Arabic calligraphy. The colors are soothing, the execution immaculate. Her little people, almost stick figures, decorate neckties, glasses, mugs – whatever – and are delightful – but the calligraphy scores.” Be sure to visit Jerry’s studio. 16006 Waterloo closed on Mon open 2-8-Tue, 2-8-Wed, 2-8-Thu, 2-10-Fri/Sat, 1-6-Sun. 239-293-95458.


      HENN MANSION WINE TASTING featuring Ohio Wineries Wolf Creek, Emerine Estates, Ferrante & Viking from 4- PM order those tickets before it’s sold out…again! Advance tickets $20, and in the unlikely event there are any left, $25 at the door. It has it all—wine—music by Adam Jacobs—good friends—stunning view. Help complete their vision of an outdoor patio to take full advantage of the lakefront site. Includes commemorative wine glass, 10 sample tickets, light hors d’oeuvres, and strolling musicians. Wine available for purchase too. Mail check to Bob Tilk, 207 Wells Court, Euclid 44132 or call 216-289-8455. 21 & over please!

      THE CONSCIOUSNEST HARVEST FESTIVAL & CELEBRATION, noon-8 PM. “Reap the Harvest” of work done throughout the year. Auction of a variety of items including two original oil paintings. Selling hand-made jewelry, books, hooked rugs and unique items such as their famous Grape Butter and Regi’s wildly popular organic KraK crèmes, ointments, balms and natural cleaning products. For the tattoo-timid, try inexpensive non-permanent Henna body painting. As always, Nest Practitioners and Readers will be on hand. “Auctionable” donations most gratefully accepted! 20150 Lakeshore Blvd, 216-692-0325.

      PASSPORT TO EUCLID tour today is Ward 6, meet at Forest Park School. Call 216-289-8114 to join in! Weather related cancellation hotline: 216-289-8121. Visit for weekly locations every Saturday in October.

      15-60-75 THE NUMBERS BAND back by demand at BEACHLAND BALLROOM, 9 PM (8:30 PM door). It’s their Cleveland CD release show! Too much fun for only $6. 15711 Waterloo Rd,

      FIRST ANNUAL WATERLOO SPEAKEASY: Join Arts Collinwood for a Casino Night fundraiser in partnership with UpStage Players. It helps support Arts Collinwood’s programs, and celebrates the presence of a youth theater company on Waterloo. Casino style gaming — poker, blackjack, you name it — with drinks and nosh and lots of fun prizes, raffles, and auctions. And you can come in costume! Dress the part for a speakeasy, 30s-style party. (Don’t have costume stuff? You can rent it there!) All for a wallet-friendly $25. 6:00-midnight, Slovenian Workmen’s Home at 15335 Waterloo. Pay at the door or in advance by calling Arts Collinwood at 216-692-9500 or via PayPal on the AC site,

      ANNUAL SOLAR TOUR OPEN HOUSE from 1-4 PM in the Welsh Woods Picnic area of Euclid Creek Reservation. See Ohio’s renewable energy-powered and energy efficient houses and buildings during this free open house coordinated by Green Energy Ohio. Visit to learn more, or to find out about other exciting opportunities this weekend including their FREE all day East-of-Cleveland Solar bus tour including a bagged lunch that begins at Lake Farmpark. 866-473-3664.

      The Euclid American Legion Post 343, located at 20750 Arbor Ave., will be hosting a Clam Bake from 5pm to 7pm in our lower social hall. Cost for a chicken dinner is $20.00 and a steak dinner is $25.00. Cost of meal includes choice of meat, 1 dozen clams, potatoes, corn on the cob, roll and butter. Additional dozen of clams is $5.00 per dozen. Sign up and pre-pay is required. Call the Post @ 216-531-5344 for details.


      FALL FESTIVAL at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, 21281 Chardon Rd. Sun Oct 4. Masses: 8 AM, Outdoor: 9:30 AM & 11 AM, 4 PM Rosary with Candlelight Procession. Crafts, Bake Sale and Games after the 9:30 Mass Breakfast from after the 9:30 Mass until 11:30 AM pizza, sausage, and full meals noon until 3:30 PM. The Gift Shop is open until 5:30 PM. 216-481-8232.

      You’ve heard of singing waiters—now’s your chance to see my favorite singing restaurant owner in “THE CHAMPAGNES“, in concert at Beachland Tavern Sun Oct 4 at 8 PM! Featuring Euclid’s own SCOTT HANSON of the band Slam Bamboo, an 80’s mainstream pop band known for its slickly-produced singles. Their first, “House of Fire,” received extensive national airplay. Not only can he sing, he can cook! Scott is also owner of SCOTTI’S ITALIAN EATERY. I guarantee you’ll think they’re awesome too, or I’ll refund the price of this newsletter! Tickets only $5, available in advance at Scotti’s Italian Eatery 216-481-8995.

      FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY ANNUAL MEETING entices you to attend with a program on the history of Cleveland’s ice cream presented by Weber’s Premium Custard & Ice Cream. Call for reservations, 2 PM in the Shore Rm.

      FRIENDS OF EUCLID CREEK invited to the GREENWOOD FARMS FAMILY FUN FEST at 264 Richmond Rd. Details at


      Fans of Randy Pausch, re-read The Last Lecture so you can enjoy the BOOK DISCUSSION at 10:30 AM on Oct 5 in Euclid Library’s Babbitt Rm. Pick up a copy of LIBRARY LINES for a list of other “discussable” books and their featured book club dates.

      EUCLID AARP CHAPTER #1550 meeting today at the Euclid Community Center, One Bliss Lane. Meeting starts at 1 PM, followed by a speaker from the Office of the Ohio Consumer Council on “Managing Your Utility Bills”. Bring a friend! Coffee and camaraderie will follow. Questions? Contact Bob at 216-731-3428.

      EUCLID CITY COUNCIL MEETING 7 PM in Council Chambers, and now, available on ATT U-Verse too!

      EUCLID ART ASSOCIATION meets at 7 PM in Fellowship Hall of East Shore Methodist Church, 23002 Lakeshore. The program is a Drawing Demo by George Mauersbuerger. All are welcome, donation $2. Refreshments. For info call 440-257-7447 or 216-486-8401.


      Monthly meeting of FRIENDS OF EUCLID CREEK at 7 PM. Speaker’s from the Dike 14 Preservation Committee. Call Frank Skala 440-473-3484 for more info, or visit the website at: www. Monthly meetings are normally held the first Tues of the month at 7 PM in S. Euclid Community Center, 1370 Victory Dr., S Euclid (north off Mayfield Rd, next to Giant Eagle). Meetings are free and open to the public. Also visit the blog at to see what’s happening around town.

      At Euclid Library from 7 to 8:45 PM. The Euclid Historical Society and the Euclid Landmark Commission will show a one hour video-presentation: Our Vanishing Past, how New Jersey learned the benefits of Historic Preservation of their community assets. New Jersey Public Television developed this informative video describing the economic and civic benefits resulting from the preservation and adaptive rehabilitation of their older buildings. If New Jersey, Why not us? Contact John Williams at 289-8577 for further information.


      KABOOM! PLAYGROUND EXPRESS: Friends of toddlers, visit Memorial Park & see the progress for yourself—the infant and toddler playground excavation has begun! Looks exciting! The final PLANNING MEETING is Oct 8 at 7 PM in the Euclid Library Babbitt Rm, and the playground build date is Sat Oct 17 from 9 AM-4 PM! Keep that date open and follow the plans at

      KNOW BEFORE YOU VOTE! LEARN THE ISSUES at Euclid Public Library, 7 PM on Oct 8. Council and School Board candidates are invited too. Discussion on the various sides of the issues on the ballot—we should expect to see 3 state, 3 county and 4 city issues—do you know them all?

      LIFE HURTS … GOD HEALS. You’re in High School, you’re hurting —and so is your best friend. Every day you may be dealing with stuff like addictions, eating disorders, anger, abuse, pornography, drinking, pills, cutting, depression, troubled family dynamics, suicidal thoughts, and more. You don’t want to live like this, you want to break those bad habits, but where do you go to get real, lasting help? LIFE HURTS … GOD HEALS is a biblically based 8-step group for High School students that provides a safe place for anybody dealing with hurts, habits and hang-ups. It gives you lifelong tools for dealing with pain and crises that come to everybody. Ongoing support offered to youth facing the pain and difficulties of life through a program that utilizes a 13-week Biblical curriculum, small groups, mentoring and other tools. Every Thursday, 6 – 8 PM in Bethlehem Community Church, 24490 Euclid Ave. (Euclid & Beverly Hills Dr.) Thousands of teenagers have gone though this 8-step program and their lives have been changed! Maybe yours will be next! Feel free to contact Craig ([email protected] — 216-235-8259) with questions or check out our website at Any youth is welcome … anytime! No RSVP or pre-registration.

      FRIDAY OCT 9

      VASJ OARSMEN CLAMBAKE in the VASJ gym, doors open 6:30 PM. Chicken or steak, Chinese raffle & open bar. Visit for ticket info.

      ANOTHER DUMM ART SHOW? There’s a place in Cleveland where cats of bizarre geometries hang with politicians, zombies, musicians and other singular characters (including the writer/creator of American Splendor, Harvey Pekar). Gary & Laura Dumm depict all these beings and more in pen & ink and paint in their 2-person art show at Arts Collinwood Gallery, 15605 Waterloo 216-692-9500. Exhibit offers the viewer a broad spectrum of techniques and sensibilities: from Laura’s lighter, funkified color approach in painting the feline to Gary’s ink drawings of blues people, cartoons and dark re-animated horrors. Opening reception tonight from 6-9 PM with treats and spirits. Gallery Hrs: Thur-Fri 6-9, Sat-Sun 1-4. It can also be viewed during open hours from the adjoining Waterloo Café. Show closes rather appropriately on Halloween. Bring your imagination and a love of color (and black & white). Contact the Dumms at 216-961-0230 for more info or email [email protected]


      TENTH ANNUAL ROOTS OF AMERICAN MUSIC BENEFIT in Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo, 7 PM (6 PM door). Alex Bevan & Michael Stanley play an intimate all-acoustic concert, weaving songs and stories that defined being young, alive and seeking one’s fate in N. Ohio. For Stanley, whose MSB shattered attendance records at Blossom Music Center and the Front Row, his rock torn from the roots of the heartland found its way from Billboard’s Top 20 to “American Bandstand,” while Bevan, whose “Skinny Li’l Boy” was a revelry anthem, plied a wide-eyed acoustic/folk approach that celebrated the natural beauty of the Grand River, Kelly’s Island and the innocence of first love. This is the first time these two iconic singer/songwriters share a stage. Also includes a silent auction and raffle of music-related items. $50/ticket with a $30 tax deduction. VIP tickets, including a catered dinner at the Beachland Tavern, drink tickets, priority reserved seating and valet parking, are $125 ($75 tax deductible), and they always sell out quickly. Call ROAM for the VIP ticket, 216-321-9353.

      SHOPAROONI TURNS 2! “We can hardly believe it’s been two years already! Sigh… it seems like just yesterday we were laying floor and having a paint fight while listening to “Walking on Sunshine” and wondering if any of our shipments would arrive on time. Oh, that was yesterday, but we did it two years ago too. Pumpkin carving, yummy food, artisan cupcakes, music, entertainment, art and, of course, plenty o’ hooch. Loads of excitement. ” Check the website for time, not available to print today. 15813 Waterloo 216-383-3633. Store Hours: Mon – Closed, Tues, Wed, Thurs – 2 – 10 PM, Fri – 2 – 11 PM, Sat – noon – 11 PM, Sun – noon – 6 PM.

      UPPER HIGHLAND LOOP TRAIL HIKE in Euclid Creek Reservation. Travel along the floodplain for an up-close look at the pools and cascades of Euclid Creek. 2-3:15 PM, meet in the Highland Picnic Area parking lot. 440-473-3370.

      MONDAY OCT 12

      A CALL TO YOUNG ARTISTS (ages 4-18): Waterloo 7 Gallery invites young artists to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by participating in the KIDS HELPING KIDS ART SHOW and Gallery Event. Once submitted, your child’s piece becomes the property of CFF. It will be hung in Wunderkind Gallery, given a value and auctioned at the opening. Unsold pieces remain on display (and for sale) until Wunderkind’s next show, then are stored for display and sale at CFF’s next event — Chef’s Fantasy on March 25 at the Ritz Carlton. Kids Helping Kids opens Oct 24, 6-10 PM, hosted by sculptor/ gallery owner Jerry Schmidt and artist Jody Pittner. Drop off or send your child’s painting, drawing or mixed media piece (18吔 or smaller, only one per child) to Jerry Schmidt, Waterloo 7 Gallery, 16006 Waterloo Rd, Cleve 44110. Deadline: Oct 12. For info, contact [email protected] or [email protected] 239-293-9548,

      TUESDAY OCT 13

      EAST SHORE GARDEN CLUB presents Mary Slingluff of Avalon Garden to speak on perennials at the Euclid Public Library, 631 East 222nd St, 10:30 AM.

      Skate with the VASJ Vikings Hockey Team 7:00 PM – 8:45 PM at C.E. Orr Ice Arena


      Win something awesome! Enter SHOPAROONI’S “How I spent My Summer Vacation” contest and you can win a super special limited edition print from Superindustrial Love as well as a beautiful travel journal from Poketo. Just upload an essay, photo journal, fingerpainting, haiku, video, or whatever you please, to their Facebook Fan Page and tell them all about your summer! Entries will be judged based solely on entertainment value, creativity, and artistic merit. Shoparooni says: we won’t be fact checking these puppies, so, if you didn’t do anything fun feel free to make something up! Entries must be posted by October 15!

      PUMPKIN SPLASH POOL PARTY from 7-8 PM in the Euclid High girls’ pool. Visit for details.


      KABOOM! PLAYGROUND EXPRESS BUILD DATE is finally here! The ground behind City Hall is prepared for today’s Phase 1 installation of the new infant/toddler playground from 9 AM- 4 PM you can work whatever hours you choose. A most rewarding job! Email [email protected] or call Sherrie’s cell at 216-798-7089, or Kiddie City at 216-481-9044 to take part. There’s something for everyone to do. If delayed by weather, the build date will be Oct 18.

      ONETREE YOGA OPEN HOUSE from 9 AM to 3 PM free yoga, food, music and more!

      All classes are free! Just give a donation for lunch (all proceeds go to Shore Cultural Centre).

      Sign up for an 8-week session at the Open House and receive a one-month membership free!

      9-10:15 AM Vinyasa Flow, 10:30 AM -12:30 PM What is Yoga?, 12:45-1:45 PM Potluck & Health Talk, 1:45-3 PM Kirtan. Shore Cultural Centre, Room 243. Peace and Love!,

      FALL FESTIVAL AT EUCLID BEACH, 7- 10 PM. Bring the whole family to the pavilion for an evening of fun fall festivities including a family-friendly haunted hayride, storyteller, crafts and games, etc. Don’t forget to dress up–all participants attending in costume receive a prize.

      MONDAY OCT 19

      THE FARMERS MARKET TASTE OF AUTUMN, 2009 (Coit Market Harvest Dinner Benefit in Beachland Ballroom) Help keep the market alive: Dine in style on local food prepared by 10 local chefs, while Fred Griffiths MCs. 6-9 PM in Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo Rd. Tickets $50 at If you cannot attend, a donation will be appreciated. (But if you can attend, do the food will be fab and the market folk are a delight.)

      EUCLID CITY COUNCIL MEETING, 7 PM in Council Chambers.

      FRIDAY OCT 23

      4 PAWS CLAM JAM AND BOO BASH is upon us! Join us for food, fun, and prizes. Tickets are $40 each and include clam broth & chowder, one dozen clams, 1/2 roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and dessert. Additional clams may be purchased for $8 per dozen. Clams and chicken are prepared separately. A vegetarian entrée (eggplant parmesan) is available if requested in advance. Although you do not have to come in costume, there will be prizes for the top three best costumes. The last day to purchase tickets is Oct 20. Please call the shelter at 216-289-2057 for info and tickets. For an order form, visit

      10/23-25 FRIENDS OF EUCLID PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK FAIR. Members’ Preview Oct 23 from 6:30- 8:30 PM (you can join the Friends that night too). Public Book Fair Oct 24 from 9 AM-4 PM, Oct 25 from 1 -4 PM. Sunday only, fill a bag for $2!

      HAUNTED HALLWAY in Shore Cultural Centre, a four day scarefest: Oct 23, 24, 29 and 30. $5 at the door from 7- 9:30 PM. SEVENTEEN scary scenes to Thrill or Chill!


      The Euclid Police Athletic League presents the popular A NIGHT AT THE RACES at Tizzano’s Party Center. Doors open at 6:00 pm. The event includes a dinner buffet, open bar (beer, wine, liquor), soft drinks and snacks. There will be a silent auction, sideboards and 10 full color video races along with dancing after the races. If you are interested in making a donation of $30.00 for a ticket, please contact P.A.L. at 289-2733.

      SUNDAY OCT 25

      EUCLID ORCHESTRA FALL CONCERT, 3 PM in Shore Cultural Centre’s acoustically amazing auditorium. Advance tickets available at Shore, $8 adults, $6 seniors/students, free for kids under 12 with an adult. Day of event, tickets are $1 more.

      COLLINWOOD SLOVENIAN HOME CLAMBAKE: One of the things you need to know about Collinwood is that there are two Slovenian Homes, and they both like to eat. 15810 Holmes Ave, 216-681-6649

      MONDAY OCT 26


      TUESDAY OCT 27


      FRIDAY OCT 30

      IRISH AMERICAN CLUB HALLOWEEN PARTY beginning at 8 PM. Prizes for best costumes. Pay at the door, $20 members, $25 non members includes full open bar. Call Nick for info, 440-622-0400. Adults only!

      MANY OTHER OCTOBER EVENTS NOT LISTED ABOVE CAN BE FOUND ON THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES: for the Euclid Library October calendar stuffed with things to do for City of Euclid meeting and recreation info for Euclid Chamber’s community calendar (and to post your event) for Shore’s class schedules and event info for Euclid city recreation schedules and special events for the many and varied events in Beachland Ballroom & Tavern. for updated Collinwood events Journey to Wellness booklet listing Euclid Hospital community programs


      11/07 COOKIE CHALLENGE! (Start baking! Euclid Public Library)





      Post your Euclid event for all to see. Visit –

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      Events in the newsletter subject to change, call first to verify

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