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Write for Change in the New Year

Write for Change in the New Year

Keep a journal and plan your wedding step by step

If you're getting married in 2013 take the time to write down your goals and assess what is realistic. Perhaps it's time to get back in shape or reconnect with a loved one that you want to see at your wedding.

Either way, start a journal and write down your goals. If it's health related start a food journal and track what you eat and the amount of calories consumed in a day.

If you want to improve your mental outlook, jot down one thing a day that you are really grateful for or perhaps something you do each day to help another.

Writing will also ease some of the stresses related to wedding planning so you are clear headed heading into your wedding day.

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New Year's Eve Celebrations

We Germans have a lot of choice how to spend the night and greet the new year.
There are public parties with local music bands, Silvester dinners at restaurants, and parties amongst family & friends.

Shortly before midnight we open a bottle of sparkling wine (Sekt), or champagne. Then we count down the last seconds of the old year. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Prost Neujahr!

Hugs, kisses & good wishes are exchanged, along with resolutions about personal changes in the new year, for example "I stop smoking", "I start a healthy life" and many others.

72 Best New Year's Instagram Captions to Help You Ring in 2021 With All the Likes

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Hello, New Year! As 2020 finally comes to a close, it's time to celebrate with a champagne toast and some great New Year's wishes &mdash and of course a ton of cute, glitter-filled photos for your Instagram feed. Sure, we may not be able to celebrate with a huge, blow-out party this year, but who says you can't still don your sparkliest New Year's Eve outfit, pose in front of some festive New Year's Eve decorations and snap a few glamorous pics? Luckily, we've rounded up some of the best New Year's Instagram captions to help you commemorate the occasion!

From inspiring New Year's Eve quotes to witty puns that say farewell to 2020 with a great laugh, these creative Instagram caption ideas are perfect for all of your favorite NYE photos (yes, even if you're just spending the day watching your favorite New Year's movies on the couch) &mdash and will help you ring in 2021 with all the likes, too. Whether you're looking for funny, cute, inspirational or clever ideas, here are all the best New Year's Instagram captions that will have you kicking off the New Year in style &mdash especially with a glass of bubbly and some confetti-poppers in hand.

20 Best New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier and Happier 2021, According to Experts

Small, manageable goals win the race (experts say so!).

When January 1 hits, many of us feel determined to set new goals. But as it gets deeper into the new year, you may find it harder to stick to them. &ldquoWhen setting your resolution, keep in mind that the only one that is truly committed to your success is you,&rdquo says Jumaah Goldberg, DPT, creator of Mind Your Damn Fitness. &ldquoIn fact, research has shown that people who are internally motivated are more likely to stick to a task, invest more time in that task, and be more successful at that task. Stop worrying about what other people think you should be doing and create resolutions based on what is most important to you!&rdquo

Jonathan Aluzas, a NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Arena Fitness in Los Angeles, says that small, incremental improvements go a long way. "When you add them up, incremental improvements are incredibly powerful. If you can improve by one percent per week over the span of a year, that's a 67 percent annual improvement, which is quite amazing." Here are 20 totally doable ideas that you&rsquoll be able to transform from resolution to lifestyle.

Rather than saying, &ldquoI&rsquoll lose 20 pounds by summer,&rdquo set specific action steps one at a time to inch you in that direction, suggests Angela Kim, a certified personal trainer in Ellicott City, Maryland and the creator of Exhale Health.

In January, try cutting out alcohol, and during February, aim to eliminate added sugars. &ldquoAt the end of the month, reflect on what worked and what didn't. For the goals that weren't met, ask why were they not met? For those that were met, how did you do it? Become your own mentor for improvements you want to make,&rdquo Kim says.

If you enjoy the feeling on the final day of the month, roll over that resolution and add a new one.

&ldquoThe number one reason for resolutions dying off is that the connection between meaning and action gets lost," says David Chesworth, a certified personal trainer and the fitness director at Hilton Head Health in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. "Even somebody who has a powerful motivator in the beginning can fall off the wagon when their sense of purpose in the activity fades.

"Before you start any resolution, write down your &ldquowhy.&rdquo Why is the result of your goal important to you? &ldquoThe more powerful the answer is, the more likely the resolution is to last. Remember that your 'why' can change and evolve over time. That&rsquos why staying in touch with yourself on this is so important,&rdquo Chesworth says.

An example of this practice would be setting a goal to do your favorite physical activity for 20 minutes every Monday. They why, could be that you feel like you're starting the week off strong.

If you want your extra steps and reps to stick, &ldquowork your life around your workouts, not your workouts around your life,&rdquo says Lacey Stone, a celebrity personal trainer in Los Angeles, California and the creator of Lacey Stone Fitness Virtual Training.

Select a time (before work, during lunch), a place (at the office gym, in the park across the street) and plan (three times a week, every weekday) that feels doable to sustain throughout the year.

To make your plan more concrete, plot it out on paper, recommends Anna Kaiser, a celebrity trainer in New York City and the founder of the growing fitness franchise AKT fitness boutiques.

&ldquoSet up a workout calendar to write your activity, length and location for each day of your program. Every time you complete a work out, add a gold star or a sticker on that day to help track and visually see the progress that you are making,&rdquo Kaiser says.

For even bigger benefits and more motivation, tack on a reward, too. &ldquoWhen you reach 10 stars, give yourself a non-food &lsquoprize&rsquo like a manicure, pedicure, massage or new book so that you can celebrate the work you&rsquove accomplished,&rdquo she says.

Set yourself up for snacking success by keeping healthy snacks in your glove compartment, purse and gym bag. Not only will you save calories, but you&rsquoll also save lots of money compared to swinging through the drive-through or hitting the vending machine, says Katherine Brooking MS, RD, co-founder of Appetite for Health.

&ldquoSome of the best on-the-go snacks are very simple, such as a banana, apple or pear. I also love grabbing a couple of hard-boiled eggs on my way out the door. One egg has just 70 calories and 6 grams of protein to help keep you full between meals,&rdquo Brooking says.

Act like there&rsquos no elevator or escalator and vow to step up your activity with this easy commandment. &ldquoA little bit every day can really add up,&rdquo says Caleb Backe, a certified personal trainer in Farmingdale, New Jersey and health expert for Maple Holistics. &ldquoBy ditching the elevator and taking the stairs, you give your body that burst of exercise that it needs. The best part is that you don&rsquot even need your gym clothes or sneakers for it!&rdquo

We&rsquore not suggesting you weigh every ounce, but if you fear you might be suffering from portion distortion, break out your food scale and measuring cups and spoons. &ldquoFor January, measure out accurate serving sizes,&rdquo says Maryann Walsh, RD, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer at Walsh Nutrition in West Palm Beach, Florida.

&ldquoIt's not a permanent practice, but one that teaches you how much you're actually having versus what you think you're having. Once you learn what a serving should look like, you can apply what you learned for year-round portion control.&rdquo

Everyday, slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to minimize skin damage, keep skin looking younger longer and prevent skin cancer, advises Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles, California.

&ldquoUV rays are present whenever there is daylight, and these can cause direct damage to cellular DNA, which can lead to the development of skin cancers and melanoma. They also target and break down collagen and cause premature skin aging, which can present as fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and crepey skin,&rdquo Dr. Shainhouse says.

These rays can pass through clouds and windows and reflect off of water, snow, ice and sand, so don&rsquot forget to SPF up during winter or when you&rsquore staying indoors.

Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Women who store snack foods on their countertops were, on average, 20 pounds heavier than those with clear surfaces, according to a Cornell University study.

&ldquoClean off your countertops from any cereals, pastries, cookies or other snack foods that might be tempting,&rdquo says Summer Rayne Oakes, a certified holistic nutritionist in Brooklyn, New York, the author of SugarDetoxMe and contributor to Models Do Eat. &ldquoPut a fruit bowl out instead and fill it with oranges, apples, pears, kiwis or whatever fruit strikes your fancy. That way, if you happen to mindlessly eat, you&rsquoll reach for the nutritious fruit.&rdquo

Rather than restricting, focus on adding in more good foods into your diet, and more vitamins, minerals and fiber.

&ldquoTry to include non-starchy veggies such as broccoli, carrots, cucumber or zucchini at lunch and dinner daily. Make sure your kitchen is always stocked with fresh pre-cut, frozen steam-in-bag, and canned, low-sodium veggies to help make it easier to meet this goal,&rdquo Hyman says.

For a visual of how to put this plan into action, Elizabeth Huggins, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, suggests portioning your plate into sections.&ldquoFill a third to a half of your plate with low-carbohydrate veggies. Next, add a lean protein and a starch, each taking up about a quarter of the plate,&rdquo Huggins says.

If you find your energy is flagging come mid-afternoon, do an H2O check before snacking. You might just be thirsty, says Maya F. Bach, MPH, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Chicago, Illinois.

&ldquoIf you're struggling to drink water throughout the day, start your morning with a glass, pack a refillable water bottle to carry around throughout the day and rotate in sparkling or infused waters if you&rsquore craving a change of pace,&rdquo Bach says.

Andy Petranek, a certified CrossFit coach in Los Angeles, California and the co-founder of the Whole Life Challenge, ups the ante with a set schedule. &ldquoAfter that first-thing-in-the-morning glass, set a countdown timer for three hours on your phone&mdashand make it recurring,&rdquo Petranek says. &ldquoWhen the alarm sounds, drink 20 ounces of water if you haven&rsquot done so already since the last time it rang.&rdquo

You can do a lot in the time it takes to play five songs, says Alexis Craig, a certified personal trainer in San Francisco, California and a coach for the fitness app Gixo.

&ldquoI tell my clients to add 15 minutes more of activity every day rather than shooting for two extra 45-minute workouts per week. This strategy builds the habit quicker and you&rsquoll be more likely to stick with it,&rdquo Craig says.

She suggests mixing and matching the following ideas:

● Stretch for 5 minutes while your morning coffee brews

● Do 20 squats, sitting down to the toilet and standing back up, while brushing your teeth in the morning and at night

● Perform alternating lunges during all of the commercial breaks for an one hour-long TV show

The process of adjusting metric recipes is the same as outlined above. The advantage of the metric system becomes evident when adjusting recipes, which is easier with the metric system than it is with the U.S. or imperial system. The relationship between a gram and a kilogram (1000 g = 1 kg) is easier to remember than the relationship between an ounce and a pound or a teaspoon and a cup.

Adjust a standard formulation (Table 15) designed to produce 75 biscuits to have a new yield of 150 biscuits.

Table 15: Table of ingredients for conversion recipe in metric system
Ingredient Amount
Flour 1.75 kg
Baking powder 50 g
Salt 25 g
Shortening 450 g
Milk 1.25 L

  1. Find the conversion factor.
    1. conversion factor = new yield/old yield
    2. = 150 biscuits÷75 biscuits
    3. = 2

    Try It Yourself

    We can use ratios to scale drawings up or down (by multiplying or dividing).

    The height to width ratio of the Indian Flag is 2:3

    So for every 2 (inches, meters, whatever) of height
    there should be 3 of width.

    If we made the flag 20 inches high, it should be 30 inches wide.

    If we made the flag 40 cm high, it should be 60 cm wide (which is still in the ratio 2:3)

    Example: To draw a horse at 1/10th normal size, multiply all sizes by 1/10th

    This horse in real life is 1500 mm high and 2000 mm long, so the ratio of its height to length is

    What is that ratio when we draw it at 1/10th normal size?

    1500 : 2000 = 1500×1/10 : 2000×1/10
    = 150 : 200

    We can make any reduction/enlargement we want that way.

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    How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

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    Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year or the Chinese Spring Festival, holds the most significant position among all Chinese festivals and holidays. It lasts for the first fifteen days of the Chinese lunar calendar, which on the Western calendar begins sometime between January 21 and February 21, varying from year to year. The celebration includes decorations, parades, folk traditions, and a wonderful feast. If you want to participate in the celebrations, there are many things you can do to join the festivities and to pay homage to Chinese traditions.

    Changing Recipe Quantities Worksheet

    Looking for high-quality Math worksheets aligned to Common Core standards for Grades K-8?

    Our premium worksheet bundles contain 10 activities and answer key to challenge your students and help them understand each and every topic within their grade level.

    This document has 3 pages. Print only the pages you need.

    Each of the 3 worksheets lists a recipe with quantities of each ingredient based on a given number of servings. Students are challenged to use what they know about proportionality and multiplying by fractions to calculate quantities for different numbers of servings.

    Encourage students to write answers using proper fractions and mixed numbers as opposed to decimals. The quantities for the first ingredient in each worksheet are shown as examples.

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