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What We’re Loving: Casa Nonna’s 'Casa Nova' Deluxe Dinner Kit

What We’re Loving: Casa Nonna’s 'Casa Nova' Deluxe Dinner Kit

Because, let’s face it — we’re not all good cooks and we need to impress our Valentine’s dates, right?

So apparently, chivalry isn’t dead after all. Though much of dating has turned into texting and drinks after 10 p.m. rather than waiting for a phone call saga and a dinner date, Casa Nonna is proving that there’s hope for courtship after all.

The restaurant wants to help those who are challenged in the culinary department and bring the romance back into the dating scene with their Ultimate Guide to "Faking It" deluxe dinner kit, which provides all the tools needed to set the scene for a "home-cooked" dinner for two in 30 minutes or less.

For $500, the kit includes:

• 2 entrées, 1 pasta, 2 sides ,and 1 dessert to share

• Pre-"dirtied" apron

• Entrées and sides in baking dishes or pots

• "Dirtied" cookware (colander, pasta pot, knives of assorted sizes, wooden spoon, cutting board, etc.), cooked noodles, extra tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes and garlic for display

• Elements for a romantic table setting: i.e. beautiful serving dishes, placemats, plates/bowls, glassware, cutlery, candles (with lighter)

• Bottle of wine hand-chosen by a sommelier based on your dinner selections

Talk about foolproof, right? Now just make sure to order at least five days in advance and don’t forget to hide the evidence!

Watch the video: Casa Nova Valentines Day. (January 2022).