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Dressed eggs

Dressed eggs

An appetizer or a delicious lunch!

  • half a chicken breast
  • 4 eggs
  • salt
  • 200 ml yogurt

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Boil eggs for about 15 minutes, to be hard. When they are cooked, peel them and cut them in half.

The chicken breast is sliced, beaten with a hammer and seasoned with salt.

Put half an egg on a slice of meat and roll.

Place on the grill to brown on both sides.

Serve with yogurt!

Good appetite!!

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You can also use garlic in yogurt.


The meat can be seasoned with whatever you want.

Mornings can be full. 3 quick recipes for breakfast

If you are tired of sandwiches and scrambled eggs at the first meal of the day, you will certainly not refuse our proposals. It incorporates the same ingredients, but in much more appetizing forms.

We used to eat breakfast in a hurry and thus justify the lack of variation for the most important meal of the day.

Cereal yogurt, hot sandwich or boiled egg is repeated every week. There is nothing wrong with them. There are healthy options for the first meal of the day, but a grade 10 breakfast should contain healthy ingredients dressed in appetizing forms, which should be ready quickly.

We offer you simple but effective recipes, in which you can have the egg and the ham from the sandwich, but which can add fresh vegetables or cheeses. I'm ready in 15 minutes, so hurry can no longer be an excuse.

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Cakes dressed in winter paste

I made these 2 winter cakes with great pleasure, with a pleasure hard to describe. Unfortunately, I rarely work in sugar paste, being in Italy I have no one to make it for and I won't tell you how happy I am when I have someone to make such a cake for. So I took the opportunity and played a little, the biggest cake (3.5 kg) was for an orphanage (taken by our friend, Mariella, who volunteers) and the other was for Mariella, smaller (almost 2 kg).

I used simple white countertop, from egg whites & ndash recipe here, because I used Diplomat cream yolks (vanilla mousse), recipe here, I syruped the tops with juice from an apricot syrup (I will write that recipe too & # 128578 ), and I added the fruits from the compote to the cream.

For the decoration I used sugar paste for the coating, the recipe here, and for the decorations I added 1 half teaspoon of CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) to the sugar paste for the coating (300 g of paste), I kneaded it well and I could work.

I snowed everything with grated coconut, after I sprinkled lightly with spray gelatin & hellipsi ready the cakes. They are very happy and they were extraordinarily appreciated! My friend didn't know how to thank me anymore, she knew what cakes I make, but this cake was a great surprise. And the poor children & hellip did not know what to do first: to admire the cake, to keep it and enjoy its beauty or to cut it and eat it. They liked it a lot and that made me happy.

On Maundy Thursday, also called Passion Thursday, housewives paint eggs in red or other colors. The color red is most often used because it represents the blood of Jesus Christ, crucified on the cross, for mankind to be saved. Tradition also says that red eggs on Holy Thursday do not spoil all year round.

Folklore preserves several Christian legends that recall why Easter eggs turn red and how they became the symbol of the Lord's Resurrection.

One of them says that the Mother of God, who had come to mourn her crucified son, placed the basket of eggs near the cross. They blushed from the blood that flowed from Jesus' wounds.

And the Lord, when he saw that the eggs were reddened, said to those present: "From now on you shall make red and variegated eggs in remembrance of my crucifixion, as I did today."

In popular tradition, the red Easter egg would have miraculous healing powers to keep evil away. It brings health, beauty, vigor and growth. Eggs colored in other colors, such as yellow, green, blue, bring the joy of spring.

Ingredients stuffed pumpkin flowers

  • 200 grams of fresh pumpkin flowers (not to be opened)
  • 250 grams of ricotta (or very fresh cottage cheese, or cream cheese)
  • 1 or
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped crow onion and tarragon (or garlic and basil, dill, etc.)

for the dough:

  • 1 or
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • salt
  • beer, until you get a dough a little more consistent than the pancakes

Preparation of stuffed pumpkin flowers

Prepare the filling, mixing ricotta (or fresh cottage cheese, or cream cheese), egg, salt and pepper to taste and finely chopped greens until a homogeneous paste is obtained (picture 1). The filling is poured into an ornamental pos with a wide opening tip, the flowers are opened and the filling is poured with the help of pos, leaving the petals free towards the top about 4-5 cm. Twist the free tips of the petals and close the filling tightly inside the flowers (picture 2).

Prepare the dough, beating the egg well with a fork together with a pinch of salt, then homogenizing the flour in the beaten egg, add the beer little by little, stirring constantly until you get a slightly thicker dough than the pancakes. Put on the fire a pan with thicker walls in which the oil is heated (about 1-1.5 cm. Let the oil be in the pan). Before dipping the flowers in hot oil, roll them on all sides in the dough (picture 3).The flowers, well dressed in the dough, drain from the excess dough and fry quickly in the hot oil on all sides, until they turn golden.Remove from the pan on absorbent paper napkins and serve hot as an appetizer or snack.

Recipes for children between 2 and 4 years old

Children aged 2-4 can become capricious and difficult to satisfy when it comes to nutrition. Consult our networks specially created for children aged 2-4 and provide your child with the care he or she needs.

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Beef pasta is one of the very tasty and very filling appetizers. Because among its ingredients are.

If so far we have told you about white sauces, it's time to move on to something more colorful, namely tomato sauce. If you don't have one yet.

Jam boats can be served both as a dessert and as a snack between meals, along with a glass of milk, when.

The almond cake, fluffy and very tasty, is a perfect dessert for your child. Served with a cup of tea or milk, between.

Healthy tastes. Prepare your child a Bulgarian chicken soup. In less than 60 minutes you will be able to cook the soup.

Stuffed tomatoes can be the best choice if you want to convince your child to love vegetables. Presentation of vegetables in various forms.

Vegetable pudding is ideal for dinner, because it has a light consistency and a low caloric intake. It is important to you.

Give your child a fruit clover as a dessert and you will be able to read the delight and gratitude in his small and lively eyes. With an appearance.

Chicken salad with vegetables is a handy option when you don't have time to prepare more complex dishes, but you want them.

Fruit and sweet taste. Bananas dressed in pajamas are the ideal dessert when your child's sweet appetite finds you unprepared. .

Chicken breast salad with corn is the healthy and delicious snack your child needs for dinner. With a light consistency and a.

& Quotmedovik & quot cake with chocolate and fine cream, the delight

Recipes & bdquo honey cake & ldquo, are so many, and today I want to offer you the opportunity to prepare cake & bdquomiere cake & ldquo in a pan. Such a cake is very prepared. Bread, Desserts, Recipes Dessert, Meals, Recipes. The dough layers, sour cream filling and… See more. Patience is one of the virtues that I really appreciate.

But it is much faster and easier to prepare. That's why you can prepare.

Veteran of the stars, Glen Close put on comfortable shoes

Glenn Close, the best supporting actress, nominated, came dressed in a tunic with beads Giorgio Armani Privé over slim fit pants. And the final failure came from the shoes the actress chose. Some classics, black, as modest as possible.

Laura Dern has become an instant source for memes on social networks with her voluminous feather dress. Many have compared the outfit with the famous swan dress of the singer Bjork, which she wore at the 73rd edition of the Oscars, 20 years ago.

"I'm going to tell my kids: this was Laura Dern at the 2021 Oscars," one person wrote as she shared a picture of Bjork. Another Twitter user also noticed that Laura, 54, looked like a bent cat. Another joked that "it serves the B vibrations of beauty and the beast in high school."

Producer Kori Rae could have made a classic choice for the ceremony, but instead chose a pink and white "shadow" suit that looked as if it had been accidentally rolled through the washing machine with a fuchsia sock. Then she completed the outfit with some loafers. Which gave the whole thing an even weirder feel.

5 Instagram accounts worth following

In the last article on How to always look chic, I effortlessly mentioned that I follow some instagram accounts of some respectable ladies, which are a continuous source of inspiration for me. I received several messages with questions about these accounts, so today I present them to you, in an absolutely random order. I hope you like it and inspire you too.

For a long time I thought that Instagram is only for ladies with short skirts and voluptuous lips, that everything is superficial and you can't find valuable information or ideas there. The pandemic had to come to understand that this is not the case and Instagram is an endless source of inspiration and useful information, if you know where to look: recipes presented quickly and appetizingly, ideas for activities for children and ideas for outfits for all ages and styles.

If a year and a half ago I thought that Instagram is not for me and respectable people are not on Instagram, now I can say openly that I came to love Instagram for its easy-going content but also because it opened up new learning opportunities for me and I join this social network every day, and my account has grown a lot lately.

This year I discovered many interesting instagram accounts, and in the area of ​​fashion and clothing style, I was struck by some accounts of ladies over 40 years, who have a wonderful clothing style and who prove that aging does not mean that we must give up femininity, that we must not hide in gray and brown clothes or give up accessories. Chosen with good taste and refinement, they can be worn regardless of age and you will see that some of these ladies that I will present to you today dress very colorful and integrate into their outfits very young pieces.

Carmen Gimeno & # 8211 a very interesting style, combines many basic pieces with elegant pieces, wears sneakers with suit and sweatshirt. I really like her gray hair and the naturalness with which she combines clothes from teenage stores with ultra feminine pieces. She has a very feminine style, I always find in her outfits interesting details and surprising combinations of prints and materials. Did I tell you he's 60? I read at one point that her son was taking pictures of her.

Simona Bertolotto & # 8211 and she has a very feminine style, with wide skirts that I really like and very interesting color combinations. She wears big accessories that she combines very authentically. She often wears identical bracelets on both hands, and large-rimmed glasses are a must-have accessory in her posts. She always chooses very fluid clothes, she often wears tunics over long pants and everything is of a perfect refinement.

Tanja Jager & # 8211 has a very simple but beautiful chic casual style, she often wears pants and combines a strong color with non-colors. It has a very easy to adapt style, it combines basic pieces: jeans, white shirt, jackets, simple blouses, pants with a classic cut, but it always adds an accent of color or interesting accessories. I like to watch it because it reuses the same pieces that it always accessorizes differently and reintegrates them into other outfits.

Petra Dieners & # 8211 Tapered skirts, jeans, cardigans and many colorful scarves. Her style is always surprising, especially when it comes to overlapping fabrics. Her outfits are natural, but impeccably accessorized. I can't figure out how old she is, but I like that she wears short skirts and very colorful prints.

Fusun Lindner & # 8211 Her style is clear proof that minimalism is surprising. Few colors, neutral tones, but surprising, elegant cuts, fine fabrics. She wears big, statement earrings, and her style is refined. She is the youngest of the ladies presented today, (she may be around 35 years old), but she is very beautiful and elegant and I think you will like her a lot.

I hope you liked my selection, I'm curious what accounts you follow on Instagram in the area of ​​fashion and style. And you can find me here, with ideas for outfits and snippets from my mother's life.

Quick and irresistible decoration for cakes. How to make crystallized flowers

Sugar-coated flowers or crystallized flowers are a delicate and stylish appearance in any cake decor. They are easy to make at home and you can make them from any type of flower, whole or just its petals. We teach you how to do them too.

Rose petals, pansies, violets, lilac flowers, all can be transformed into beautiful cake decorations, if you dress them in a fine film of sugar. The process is not complicated and you need a little technique to succeed.
It is preferable to use edible flowers that you do not need to remove from the cake before serving.
Also, because you will need egg whites, unprocessed, to make candied flowers, make sure the eggs are fresh or if you are afraid to eat raw eggs, use pasteurized egg whites.

& bull flowers (edible)
& bull 1 egg white, at room temperature
& bull 1lingurita apa
& bull about 100g fine sugar

& bull brush
& bull grill for drying flowers

Method of preparation:
Beat the egg whites with 1 teaspoon of water until well blended.
Soak the brush in egg white and grease each flower so that you cover it with the beaten egg white on each side.

Hold the flower over the sugar bowl and sprinkle sugar on top of it so that it covers it with a thin and even layer on all sides.
Place the flowers on a grill and arrange the petals in the desired shape because once they dry you will not be able to move them without breaking them.

Leave the flowers at room temperature until they are completely dry. Depending on the humidity in this house, it can last between 4 and 24 hours. When ready, the petals will be stiff.

Carefully take them off the grill and place them in a container with a lid, between sheets of waxed paper. They will keep well for up to a few weeks.
If you use them to decorate cream cakes, place them at the last minute, because otherwise they will absorb moisture and will spoil.

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