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Pasta with cabbage

Pasta with cabbage

Pasta recipe with cabbage from of 19-02-2020 [Updated on 26-02-2020]

There pasta with cabbage it is an excellent and perfect dish for the cold season. Although this winter vegetable is mostly combined with rice, or used for soups and rolls, I must say that I really liked this combination with pasta and scamorza, in fact I think I will replicate it as soon as possible;) If you want you can opt for some variations, like adding bacon or crumbled sausage, and maybe potatoes, but sometimes the simple things are the best, so I suggest you try the basic version first and then go wild with all the variations that come to mind ... Then, however, let me know what your favorite version of pasta and cabbage, I recommend!


How to make pasta with cabbage

Clean the cabbage by removing the outermost damaged leaves and the central core, then cut it into strips and wash it well.

Brown the garlic and chilli pepper with a little oil in a large pan, then add the cabbage, let it flavor briefly and season with salt and pepper.
Then add a little water, cover with a lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta and drain it al dente, then remove the garlic and chilli, add the pasta to the pan together with the grated scamorza cheese and a little cooking water and stir well.

Pasta with cabbage is ready to be served, enjoy your meal!

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