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Pasta and potatoes

Pasta and potatoes

Pasta and potatoes recipe of 16-02-2016 [Updated on 21-07-2017]

Pasta and potatoes is one of the traditional recipes of popular cuisine, a classic of winter lunches, a recipe that everyone makes but each in their own way following the family recipe. What I propose today is in fact the recipe of Neapolitan-style pasta and potatoes just like my grandmother does, a dish that I hated as a child because it was too full of flavors (to this version, I preferred the variant with provola that my mother made) but that today I love to cook, for me it has a great emotional value, it brings me back to mind a lot of memories and reminds me of my origins and my connection with the culinary culture of my territory. My grandmother's recipe includes chopped carrot, celery and onion to which bacon and some cherry tomatoes are also added, and as the Neapolitan tradition dictates, finally the parmesan crust. The strictly mixed pasta is cooked directly in the potatoes so as to become creamy, almost dry, "spot on" as we say in Naples, thanks to the starch released by the potatoes;) I seem to have told you everything, but now I'm curious to know you how do you prepare these dishes, so, if you like, write it to me in the comments;) A kiss and good day.


How to make pasta and potatoes

Grate the cheese crust with a knife, put it in a bowl with lukewarm water to soften it.

Wash and peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes of the same size

Prepare chopped onion, carrot, celery and bacon and brown everything in a saucepan with the oil.

Add the diced potatoes and sauté for a few minutes.

then add the tomatoes cut in half

Season with salt and pepper then cover with water and bring to a boil.

Add the mixed pasta and cook.

Now cut the parmesan crust into cubes and add them to the pasta and potatoes

Merscolate with a wooden spoon, the dish should be rather creamy, I would almost say "perfect".

Then serve your pasta and potatoes on plates, adding a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper

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