Traditional recipes

Swedish style meatballs

Swedish style meatballs

Chop the onion and mix with the minced meat, eggs, sour cream, breadcrumbs, spices, salt and pepper. Shape the meatballs of the right size and fry them in a few tablespoons of oil over medium heat for 10 minutes, then transfer to paper towels.

In the same pan, add the flour to the remaining fat and mix well, then add the soup and wine and bring to the boil. Leave on low heat for a few minutes, adding a little water if needed. Add the meatballs and mix carefully.

Serve with mashed potatoes, broccoli and cranberry jam.

How to prepare hake meatballs and shrimp in green sauce

Hake meatballs are not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Fish is an excellent source of omega 3, an essential fatty acid needed to fight and prevent cardiovascular disease and good for brain health. Parsley in green sauce provides a high amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, K, A, folic acid and iron.

Recipe for green sauce

It is important to prepare the sauce before preparing the main recipe, because it will cover the cod meatballs and shrimp. Part of the contrast and flavor of the recipe comes from this mixture of chopped herbs and a note of olive oil.

Swedish plants - these herbs are among them

Swedish plants, also called bitter or Swedish Swedish plants, are a kind of remedy for everything.
Swedish plants have a long history, but were made public again in the last century by the Austrian plantations Maria Treben.
Many recipes for Swedish plants

  • The differences are usually the small and large bitters in Sweden. Today we prefer the slightly bitter Swedish, which is probably due to the emphatic recommendation of this Maria Trebens recipe.
  • For both options, there is no single recipe. More important than comparing the most diverse recipes is certainly an analysis of the components from a modern point of view. Today, some of the ingredients are known ingredients that can have unwanted or even dangerous effects.
  • A common recipe for small Swedish bitters contains aloe, angelica root, camphor, manna, rhubarb root, senna, Venetian Theriak and zedoary at ten units, then each five units of armurariu and myrtle and two units of saffron. All this is done with 1,500 units of double grain.

Swedish leathers have several critical components:
If you take a closer look at one of the most widely used Swedish herbal recipes, you'll find some of the ingredients that make you think:

Party with friends. Swedish buffet and barbecue

Because there were 20 people, I opted for a Swedish buffet, initially I thought of arranging the plates nicely, with mixed things, then I thought that they were in larger quantities, maybe it's better to leave them separately on the plates. It was better that way.
I also have the big picture, with the whole table, but also containing some non-mountain stuff, I don't post it. It was funny that although I had some guests in my life, it was the first time that guests photographed my table.
I put the pictures with the plates as I prepared them. Some preparations are F2.

Meatballs, meatballs, appetizer cake and Parmesan lollipops.

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Eggs and eggplant salad with mayonnaise.

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& # 39 & # 39Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are. & # 39 & # 39

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# 10 good

bravo and congratulations & # 33 very nice and appetizing. and good for sports)

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Let's continue with the parties :)

On Sunday we had other guests, in total we were 10.
We joined the table in the house with the one in the yard and we sat at the table like people.

Thumbnails attached

# 18 adeje

I had the tablecloth at the dry cleaner's because it is big (2.40 / 1.60). The folded one looks ok, but when I opened it and saw how wrinkled it was. It was already too late, I didn't have time to iron or anything.
In the end, that was it, I hope it went unnoticed very carefully.

I don't have any other pictures, I still grilled and made a salad with everything.
I didn't have time for dessert, so my friend "prepared" a fruit salad, good bad. :)
To do it another time. :)

Thumbnails attached

# 19 adeje

Overview of the table or tables :)

I edit to write the menu:
eggs with mayonnaise and horseradish (I saw the decor here on the kitchen and I liked it, very nice)
chicken breast salad, boiled eggs, peas and green beans with mayonnaise
raw salad on endive leaves
cheese balls
stuffed mushrooms
appetizer candy
canapés and skewers with salmon
skewers with tomatoes and cheese
cheese, cheese, olives and some vegetables

Thumbnails attached

# 20 Montignac_rules

I had the tablecloth at the dry cleaner's because it is big (2.40 / 1.60). The folded one looks ok, but when I opened it and saw how wrinkled it was. It was already too late, I didn't have time to iron or anything.
In the end, that was it, I hope it went unnoticed very carefully.

I don't have any other pictures, I still grilled and made a salad with everything.
I didn't have time for dessert, so my friend "lent" fruit salad, good bad. :)
To do it another time. :)

It looks great. I also really like the picture / painting with the bridge
Honestly, it seems ok to me at the table, (plus I'm sure the world was with & quotochii & quot for tasty food), no reason to be upset

& # 39 & # 39Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are. & # 39 & # 39

Sweden has acknowledged that Swedish meatballs from Ikea are in fact Turkish

Sweden has acknowledged that Swedish meatballs from Ikea are in fact Turkish. The Turks were overjoyed to learn of the Stockholm government's announcement, but at the same time a new debate arose in the public domain over the correctness of the continued use of the name "Swedish meatballs", writes The Guardian.

& # 8222These famous Swedish meatballs you buy at Ikea are, in fact, Turkish, admits the Swedish government & # 8221, pointed out TRT World, a Turkish-funded international television station.

& # 8222Swed meatballs were originally Turkish dishes: the Swedish government & # 8221, is the headline given by Hürriyet Daily News, after Sweden's official national Twitter account, @swedense, announced on Twitter that the meatball recipe was brought from Turkey.

& # 8222 Swedish dumplings are, in fact, based on a recipe that King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century & # 8221, according to the Swedish government's Twitter account.

Charles, who died in 1718 when he was shot in the head while attacking Danish-occupied Norway, is also believed to be responsible for the import and popularization of the Turkish habit of drinking coffee, which became extremely popular in Sweden.

Ikea sells around 2 million meatballs daily in all its stores around the world. This highly prized dish, however, has not been without controversy over time.

Swedish buffet party

The buffet can be either simple or sophisticated, adapted to the requirements of the moment. A well-planned buffet can relieve you of the stress of serving guests at the table and, in addition, the preparation of the meal becomes much easier.

There are two types of buffet: guests sit on chairs, in armchairs, and eat holding plates in their hands or guests sit at small tables, where they serve the dishes. You have to think, when choosing a certain style of buffet, what possibilities the space offers you and how many guests you have. The first case is suitable for a larger number of guests. If you decide for the buffet style with tables, make sure that the guests do not use too many cutlery, possibly remove the knives from the start, because there will not be enough space.

The number and type of dishes you serve depends on you. You can opt for more "precious" dishes, such as steaks with various garnishes or you can limit yourself to salads and cakes for dessert. When planning the menu, take into account the type of event, the budget and the time you have available.

Arrange the buffet on a large surface, such as the kitchen or room table (if you have one), so that it has as many free sides as possible. If you have two tables that are not very large and there is enough space in the room, you can arrange both, so that more guests can be served at the same time. .

Place the drinks in another area to avoid congestion.

If you have a lot of guests, arrange several areas on one table, put food, on the other, drinks and appetizers, on a small table arrange the dessert. Each table must have the necessary cutlery and napkins.

Arrange the buffet in a practical way: put empty plates on the edge, so that guests have easy access to them. A very good idea is to serve in plastic plates. To make them easy to grasp, place the napkins between the plates so that the corners of the napkins stay out. Arrange the food trays in such a way that the access is easy and try to alternate the dishes. Preferably, the dessert should be placed on a different table.

If you do not have enough glasses or plates, you can opt for either plastic or several types: lately entertainment is worn, so it will not be a proof of bad taste. Avoid monotony on the table, varying the size and type of plates. Do not avoid boxes, plates, plastic trays, from the ones you use every day in the kitchen. Cover the table with the tablecloth, which can have various prints, if it is a less formal event.

In order for the serving to be as efficient as possible, cut the food into small pieces, cubes, slices. Garnish with lettuce leaves and lemon slices. If you choose salads or pasta, which requires both hands to serve, leave room in front of the plate for guests to put their plates.

Be careful when decorating the plates! Choose the contrast. The decor elements should highlight the food, not "eclipse" it. Here are some suggestions: lemon and orange slices, greens, fruits, popcorn, carrot, onion slices, fried nuts, grated chocolate, mayonnaise, sour cream.

Remember: the most successful party is where the guests feel good, where there is good mood and the hosts are hospitable.

Perfect in the kitchen

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The day I ate lamb with Zlatan in Franke's kitchen

Last summer, I was talking, in general, about why I liked the autobiographical book I Am ZLATAN, written by Ibra and Lagercrantz.

One morning, as I was quietly drinking my coffee and scrolling sleepily on Instagram, I had a surprise. Specifically, a private message that sounds something like this:

Dude, I loved your book review. Let & # 8217s meet and talk more. Ibra loves talking to honest bloggers.

I had fun and didn't pay attention to the message, it seemed like a joke. Yes, of course, he translated and read Zlatan's review for me.

A few days later he sent me a video showing him, Helena, Maxi and Vincent & # 8230. He told me that he appreciated my article and that in the market period between the two stages of the Serie A season, he would he wants us to meet and dine together.

Well, the message was about & # 8220Zlatan wants to meet you and have lunch with you. When Zlatan wants something, that things happens to Zlatan. & # 8221

I had just tasted a dose of Ibrahimovic's typical arrogance, but I can't judge him. After all, he's a tough guy who grew up on the streets of Rosengard. What I always appreciated about him was that he did not renounce his instincts and never wanted to change. He always knew that his attitude bothered him, but even so, he remained loyal to his way of being and yet he succeeded.

Not for nothing did he win domestic championships with almost all the teams he played for.

Word for word, we arranged for him to come with his family to have Easter with us in Franke's kitchen. Zlatan was born to a Muslim father and a Catholic mother, but that didn't stop him from accepting my Orthodox Easter invitation.

He had told me on Instagram that he had been to Romania several times, together with his Romanian colleague from Juventus and that they had done a lot of nonsense, but I am not allowed to write about those things, or he will beat me up. ^ # & amp on me.

I chose to take him at his word, his & # 8220 acts of bravery & # 8221 on training are well known. He beat people taller than me. But let's move on to the day I ate lamb with Zlatan in Franke's kitchen.

We had red eggs, beef salad and sarmale in the house, but we chose to welcome the Swedish warrior and his family with dishes of Romanian origin. It is known that sarmales are borrowed from the Turks, and beef salad is adopted from the French.

Traditional Romanian food

The recipe for the Easter meal looked like this:

  • a Romanian style appetizer & # 8211 homemade ham, drum, green onion, fresh curd, pickled telemea, polenta
  • lamb steak with sauerkraut
  • cheesecakes with sweet cheese as dessert

Okay, it's more of a strategy than an Easter recipe, but we're getting there & # 8230

Franke's kitchen made all this possible

As you probably know, we chose to use the kitchen with Franke appliances purchased from Franke Online Store and nothing stuck to us to design traditional dream Easter recipes.

Both Dana and I worked hard to prepare the food. Although I was mostly doing unskilled work, I made a substantial contribution & # 8230 The drum doesn't cut on its own, it's not mayonnaise.

I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have a Franke oven from the Mythos collection. I fully benefited from the option to cook Full Menu up to 4 levels simultaneously, but also from the Cookassist program with 60 automatic recipes and 15 special programs. Moreover, the Franke FMY 99 HS XS oven is available in FULL STEAM version, automatic cleaning function.

Have you ever dreamed of cooking lamb, sarmale and cheese in the oven at the same time? Franke made this a reality. The decision to buy Franke's hob and oven turned out to be a 10th grade one.

That I was talking about lamb food & # 8230 to give you the recipe.

Tips & tricks for a dream lamb meal:

  • the meat should be left at room temperature for a while, before cooking it should not be put in the oven as soon as it has been removed from the fridge.
  • after the oven has been switched off, leave the meat in the hot oven for another 15 minutes
  • The meat should rest a little after cooking, in order to harmonize the tastes

Our kitchen island looked like after the war. Knives were scattered all over the counter, vegetable scraps were also unhindered everywhere & # 8230 Even Franke's sink and kitchen faucet were dirty & # 8230

Our luck was that we had equipped the kitchen with a powerful dishwasher. The Franke built-in dishwasher is equipped with an innovative loading system that allows small cutlery and plates to be placed in the third basket, thus having more space for larger dishes.

After I finished cooking, I put all the dishes in the car, washed the floor well and wiped the countertop well. If you looked at Franke's kitchen faucet, it shone.

Meeting with the king of Swedish football and his wife

We were very excited, Zlatan and Helena were going to dine with us. I had watched the footballer enough in all kinds of interviews and I knew that he was not very pretentious, coming from a poor family.

Helena was impressed by the Mythos kitchen and carefully studied the appliances and kitchen utensils, but also how they were placed.

Zlatan just said it was cool, in the characteristic style.

He told us fondly when he ran out of money and food, while playing for Ajax, and called his colleague Maxwell to ask for his help. He described in great detail how he had come to sleep on a mattress in the Brazilian's living room.

I let Ibrahimovic breathe a little, and then set the table. Zlatan rolled his eyes and asked us all kinds of questions about the Romanian dishes we put on the table.

Although he had the same attitude of a fast lion, he was much friendlier in flesh and blood than he was shown in the videos. He is a very cheerful and direct person, who does not try for a second to impress someone.

He didn't get me out of & # 8220grand & # 8221 or & # 8220friend & # 8221, but I didn't feel annoyed, I quickly realized that's how he talks.

While enjoying the appetizers, he told us that during the time he played for PSG he had the opportunity to eat all kinds of cheeses and that these traditional Romanian appetizers somehow reminded him of family meals & # 8230 he missed the food of house & # 8221.

He chuckled, spoke with his mouth full and enlivened the atmosphere. At one point, while detailing how the training sessions were under Fabio Capello's command, he hit the table so hard that the cats, although they were in the other room, broke it in a hurry and hid in their house. .

He laughed, made a surprised face and simply told us & # 8220Zlatan is strong and scary like a lion. & # 8221.

When I put the lamb steak and sauerkraut on the table, I noticed it with wide eyes.

He filled his bowl with cabbage and began to eat it. On this occasion he told us that in Sweden the meals are crowded with pickles and that the uniqueness of the food was given by the natural tastes, the Swedes not using spices for cooking.

We also knew this, because that word, we have internet in Romania as well. I had only used salt and pepper to spice up the food.

He had asked us to send Helena the sauerkraut recipe so she could eat in Sweden as well.

I hardly persuaded him to test the cheeses, too, because he had filled his stomach with lamb and cabbage & # 8230, in fact, more cabbage than lamb.

Zlatan's mouth was silent, it filled the whole space. At one point, Helena stopped him from talking & # 8230 She was very fascinated by our hob and asked us where we bought it from.

It was the new Franke Mythos INOX PRO hob, which benefits from extraordinary cleaning performance due to the innovative treatment it underwent.

She really liked the fact that it has a nice and modern look, but it also cleans very easily. He had noticed this when he set my coffee on fire (these emotions). I cleaned everything in less than 10 seconds.

Zlatan had told us that he had not eaten home-made food for a long time. The diet imposed by the AC Milan doctor was very strict. Even now he wasn't allowed to drink, but we both agreed that it will remain our secret & # 8230 or you know what he will do to me, right?

In this unconventional interview I learned more about Zlatan and his family, but also about Helena.

Helena asked us to give her the opportunity to test our cuisine and cooked us Swedish meatballs with cranberry jam (kottbullar). They were absolutely brilliant.

Of course I also give you her recipe!

Kottbullar meatballs are served with cranberry jam.

But we don't know who was more fascinated

Us food, or Helena the electronics and appliances in our kitchen Franke?


The whole experience was atypical, Zlatan spoke in one and kept joking and telling stories, and Helena was simply mesmerized by the kitchen. I browsed Franke's website and showed him the other kitchen collections available: Maris and Smart.

Frank's Maris Collection

Franke's Smart Collection

We will remember for a long time now before this traditional Easter meal and we would not be surprised if the Ibrahimovic family replaced the appliances and electronics in the kitchen with Franke products.

Although it does not appear from the content, the star was actually the Franke oven, which made it easier for us to cook everything simultaneously (we saved time and energy, this way).

I didn't tell Zlatan that he would probably have asked us how many domestic champions the furnace won or how many goals he scored in the Champions League.

These being written and told, I wish you good luck and a Happy Easter!

The article is an exercise in imagination written with pleasure
for the penultimate test of Spring SuperBlog 2021.

Info sources:
Lamb steak recipe: unique
Kottbullar recipe: gă

Photo / gif / video sources:
kitchens and appliances: Franke
recipes: Canva Pro

book cover "I am Zlatan" & # 8211 Amazon

Juicy meatballs with potatoes in new style!

A delicate delight with which nothing compares! A great meat recipe topped with a single meatball. Comfortable and especially tasty!


& # 8211 salt, black pepper, meat seasoning - to taste

For bread:


1. Boil the potatoes with salt, drain the liquid, add butter and pass them through a sieve until you get a puree. Allow to cool.

Advice. If you use boiled potatoes in their skins, pass them through a small grater and add a little melted butter. You can also use puree left over from the evening.

2. Mix the minced meat with the garlic given through the press, the onion passed through the large grater, salt, egg and your favorite spices.

3. On plastic wrap, shape a thin shredded countertop, add puree and distribute it in an even layer.

4. Roll a roll, using the foil, cut it into slices and you can round them a little.

5. Beat the eggs with salt, pass each meatball through the egg, then through the breadcrumbs and fry them in the pan with oil until they are ready.

The meatballs are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Garnish with meat in one dish! Serve them with your favorite salad!

Lentil meatballs

Today I'm going to show you how I make lentil meatballs. A dish that you can serve as you want, when you want. You can eat them cold, along with other entrees: put them on a salad sheet and sprinkle them with a mustard sauce. You can also eat them hot, with low white cabbage, caramelized red cabbage or with a leek dish. Or season them more (smoked paprika or cumin), shape them bigger, cook them in the oven or in the pan and you will get tasty meatballs for burgers. Or find the combination you like!

In addition to being very tasty, lentils also have many properties that I wrote about here. Also in this article you will find cooking instructions.

Let's see together what are the steps to get delicious lentil meatballs.

What we need:

  • 300 gr green lentils
  • an onion
  • a carrot
  • two cloves of garlic
  • 300 gr mushrooms (optional)
  • 5- 6 tablespoons breadcrumbs
  • salt, pepper to taste
  • a teaspoon of thyme
  • 50 gr walnut.

How is it prepared:

Boil the lentils. Meanwhile, cut the onion into small pieces and fry it in a little olive oil. Add the grated carrot and mushrooms.

We cook the vegetables for a few minutes.

When the lentils are cooked, drain them of water and add the composition of vegetables, nuts and spices.

Stir and put the breadcrumbs.

Form the meatballs and put them in the pan. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 gr C, for about 10 minutes.

Remove the meatballs from the oven and leave them to cool a bit. These are soft after baking, but we do not have to worry, because they will harden with cooling.

If you prefer, you can fry the meatballs in the pan with a little olive oil, instead of cooking them in the oven 9 they are delicious anyway you would prepare them).

Chocolate cookies

Raw pumpkin soup

You might like it too

Cream of green parsley soup with tofu croutons
Crispy cake with blueberries and cereal crumble